About Us

Our aim is to deliver quality solutions in a timely manner.

We are in to creating real time solutions which solve various business needs and streamline your business operations.
For this we use various technologies which allow us to create web apps, Native Android & Native iOS apps.

Native iOS & Android Development

  • Firebase: For real time updates
  • Devices: For both Tablets and smarthpones

PHP Yii Framework - For Web apps

  • Gii: A code generator tool.
  • Modules: Complete implementations that can be reused. They are like mini-sites in themselves.
  • Widgets: Complete front end functionalities that can be reused.

Angular - For Web apps without page reload

  • Model Binding: Allows front end manipulation with much more ease compared to Jquery.
  • Directives: Complete front end functionalities that can be reused, like widgets.

Bootstrap CSS - For Mobile first UI

  • Responsive: All devices compatible.


  • DRY: Do Not Repeat Yourself in code.
  • MVC: Thick Models, Thin controllers, and MVC separation of code.
  • Versioning(Git): Allows working in teams and merging code.


  • PHPStorm: Increases our developement speed manyfold.