Rear "Duck-tail" Wing - FRP, Full Rocket Bunny 240SX (S14) V2 "Boss" Conversion Aero Kit. Please be sure to check with your local and federal laws before purchasing or installing. Front Splitter are rocket bunny kits legal in australia +1 (760) 205-9936. A Rocket Bunny kit and a set of Strasse wheels have transformed this Toyota Supra. They measure 179.5-inch -30 in the front and 1710.5-inch -80 in the rear, with beefy Nitto NTo1 street-legal road course tires to complete the package. Imported directly from TRA Kyoto, Japan, Front Fenders, Rear Panel Fenders, Rear Duck-tail Wing, NISSAN SR20DET (S13-S14-S15) SILVIA 180SX, or see our complete kit with the GT Rear Wing p/n, DAI X Rocket Bunny Option - now available, 2x 6.5" x 1.5" Black patches with Pandem logo embroidery, 5pt rotary seat belt release with white Pandem logo. - Front Diffuser(FRP) By the late 1980s kit cars were mostly sold as replicas of rare 1960s exotic cars like the Ford GT40, Shelby Cobra and Ferrari 250 GTO. Rear GT Wing - FRP I'm just wondering how I can run similar size wheels (to fill out the Rocket Bunny flares) without changing the track by more than 12.5mm per side. Front Over-Fender set - FRP -4pcs. - Front Spoiler (FRP) As laws are fluid and constantly changing, many kit cars end up unfinished as owners find it difficult to navigate a highly complex and expensive process. ZN6 (4U-GSE) These costs came as the vehicle had to be built to the same standards as a modern car, which is incredibly difficult in a vehicle built at home to replicate a 1960s car, and then approved by a registered engineering signatory who had a process of inspecting and testing the vehicle. StreetFX is Australia's largest motorsport graphics supplier, as well as a producer and importer of racing parts and even toys. V1.5 Front Splitter -1pc. TRA Kyoto Designed They rarely look anything like the original car and could almost be considered a kit car, especially with the popularity of power-adders like the many Toyota 86 turbo kits on offer. It maybe unlawful to tamper, remove or replace DOT or E approved items with non-approved lights on street driven motor vehicles. From huge polystyrene blocks, each component have its negative carved out to help build perfectly shaped and symmetrical master moulds. 15 Toyota Corolla. cheers, this is exactly what I mean!!! More info on the National Code Of Practice for vehicle mods is here. Titanium GReddy Badge - for Type-A Shift Knob. Front Splitter - Composite Color: Black & White Full Kit - GT Wing Version - Construction: FRP - Colour: Unpainted - RB-180240WBKV2-FKGT. Detailed advice for you - the tradie - on what car is right for you and your job, Looking for an answer? Size: 70mm X 85mm 24 talking about this. Rear Over-Fenders - FRP F Front Canards - FRP are rocket bunny kits legal in australia auburn university vet school requirements . Front Lip Spoiler - FRP (FR-S / 86 bumper requried) -1pc. The latest and future car tech from around the world, We're here to help you with any car issues. Air suspension is recommended for all Mazda RX-7 widebody kits from Liberty Walk. Rear Under Diffueser, Porsche Cayman (987.1) by. Axiom Verge Kur Secret Area, Sorry to hear things like this are such a pain in the butt over there. BUNNY price is unchanged in the last 24 hours. Important Note: * All GPP sourced Rocket Bunny Pandem aero parts come direct from the TRA Kyoto, Japan. Pandem Wide-body Aero Kit (FULL) w/o wing. Honestly not an issue really. More leverage on wheel bearings. sweet, someone smarter than me that can explain what I am trying to say!! Give us a call today to discuss pricing and availability. Front Over-Fenders - FRP Grill mesh Rear GT Wing set - FRP - 1pc. The issue of the carbon guards wasn't something that is a problem. Regular Price Sale Price. This is how it was explained to me when I enquired about a very similar thing. Datsun 240Z (S30) Side Skirts - FRP Rocket Bunny price today is $0.000000000000 with a 24-hour trading volume of $0.000000000000. For those who are feeling really adventurous there is the Vaydor, which is a drastic restyling of a core Nissan/Infiniti G35 Skyline. Pandem Wide-body Aero Kit (FULL), 17090220 Pandem E46 Blister Aero Kit Rear Side Diffuser Plates Unlike most other aero kits, which rely on hand-shaped clay or urethane; every Rocket Bunny / Pandem aero kit begins with a full vehicle laser-scan. Custom Exhaust/Muffler. Up until 3 weeks ago i was preparing to swap a 6L LS2 into the car. While that doesn't sound like it would work, the result is . Since Consulting WPs founding in 1985, strategy has been our core business. Among the most popular are the Japanese Rocket Bunny Pandem kits from TRA Kyotos Kei Miura. 8. Talk to any late-model tuner car enthusiast and they'll tell you the hottest cars in their scene are Toyota 86 Rocket Bunny, S14 Rocket Bunny Silvia, S15 Rocket Bunny Silvia, . 66920428 Rear Bumper Spoiler (FRP) NISSAN Genuine 180SX RPS13 Rear Garnish Panel Carbon Style PS13 AU $563.17 Free postage Front Bumper Upper Retainer to suit Nissan 180SX Type X AU $70.50 + AU $39.00 postage RX7 ROCKET BUNNY STYLE WIDE BODY KIT AU $1,999.99 + AU $850.00 postage NISSAN SILVIA S14 ROCKET BUNNY BOSS STYLE WIDE BODY KIT AU $1,899.99 + AU $850.00 postage Pandem and Rocket Bunny are both brand names owned by TRA Kyoto Japan. There is no restriction on their design or size, however, the new section must be securely fixed, the ends tapered back to follow the bodyline of the vehicle and the exposed edges must have a radius of at least 5mm. GREY 12V switch (causes DRLs to flash white. And the wheels i will be running will leave the track only changed by 4mm at the rear and 0mm at the front. The end result is a superior fitting aero kit with an artful design that is admired and sought after by car enthusiasts around the world. are rocket bunny kits legal in australia. However as road regulations tightened through the 1990s, the cost of gaining registration approval for road use skyrocketed to over $300,000 per-car (depending on the state the vehicle needed to be registered in). (no biggy if you don't want to). in denki kaminari personality type. - round type, Full Pandem Silvia (PS13) Full Aero Kit Ver.3, Front Bumper - FRP Side Skirts - FRP -2pcs. Front Bumper Spoiler- FRP -1pc. It's the first one in the world to get the Pandem treatment, but it almost certainly won't be the last. Front Over-Fenders - FRP Auto Body Plastic Bumper Repair kit is auto body industry standard, two-component adhesive that cures in about 120 seconds. yes it is minimal and unlikely to cause any problems but its still there, so its used by the gumbyment as a tool to restrict modifications and exceeding it will cause the death of many babies, exceeding it will cause the death of many babies. 66910203 Front Canards (FRP) GREEN turn signal Drift ready, ultra-wide Rocket Bunny body kit. PANDEM Toyota (AE86) Corolla Trueno Hatchback Body Kit. Rocket Bunny 86 Aero, Ver.2 - Dai Canard Option, Optional DAI. TRUST GReddy Rocket Bunny Ver.1 Rear Over Fenders for SUBARU BRZ ZC6. The issue will be wheel fitment, you would be at risk of constantly getting defected for being too far above track width limits / too low of an offset. Hood Duct - FRP, Full Rocket Bunny 180SX/240SX (RPS13) F,S,R Aero Kit Ver.1, (F) Front Bumper - FRP Rocket Bunny introduced their newest wide-body kits for the Nissan Z33 350z & Nissan S15 Silvia and we cant wait for the release! ROCKET BUNNY ARE BACK IN FORZA HORIZON 5!All 21 Rocket Bunny widebody Kits are being showcased as they are from the bodykits & presets menu in Forza horizon . (As seen on the LexusTuned X GReddy RC F-Sport), Full Rocket Bunny RC F Wide-Body Aero Kit. TRA Kyoto Designed ZN6 (4U-GSE) The Audi didn't get brought here because Audi Australia would have to buy 2 of them from mother Audi, and stack them into walls to prove they are safe. These and other kits from Rocket Bunny are available through Vivid Racing! Our automotive experts are here to help, If you're wondering, we've probably got the answer. *(hold drilling required), or see our complete kit with the GT Rear Wing p/n17010224, Full Rocket Bunny 86/FRS/BRZ Wide-Body Aero Kit Ver.2, Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ(most parts will also fit 2017-20 models, except rear diffuser) Each part is designed by Ken Miura from his computer scans and CNC molds. The speedo needs to remain acurate but if you want to go bigger than +15mm you need to get a mod plate. and no it won't void your warranty. 17090704 Rear Fenders (FRP) only May 14, 2022 at 6:59 pm World's Worst Drift Proves Why Closed Courses Are A Good Thing Featuring fat, 80s-style rivet-on boxed wide-body guards, deep front bumper extensions, and his trademark duck-tail spoiler, they end a massively aggressive race flair to otherwise common sports cars. Front & Rear Over-Fenders - FRP The shape of flared mudguards must ensure that there is no likelihood of the tyres contacting the vehicle body or any other component under all operating conditions. ROCKET BUNNY ARE BACK IN FORZA HORIZON 5!All 21 Rocket Bunny widebody Kits are being showcased as they are from the bodykits \u0026 presets menu in Forza horizon 5.Looking for a new tune to downloadThe file name is the same for all my tunes on all cars.GT - Skippy4631File name - Skippy youtubeJoin my awesome Forza horizon 5 ClubClub name - Team SkippyTag - [Skip]Social links - Become a member - me on discord - Follow me on Instagram - Tweet me on Twitter - My Xbox gamer tag - Skippy4631Stay up to date Forza website - for watching Don't forget to subscribe for more.Much love Skippy#forzahorizon5 #horizon5 #fh5 #fh5update #festivalplaylist #Forzathon #forzathonshop #weeklyforzathon #update12 #series12 #treasurehunt #auctionhouse #frozacredits #cars #racing 2" white strap with black anodized bracket, black 4"x1" patch with white Pandem logo embroidery. As said before the track increase is minimal as is the extra force being placed on the hub, alxe and suspension. Rocket Bunny Wide-body Aero Kit - Version 2. Jun 12, 2022 . 3.5. If a mod sees this feel free to close as I've found my answer. However these lights are not DOT or E approved as this kit was originally developed for sales in Japan. Full Pandem AE86 Corolla Levin Wide-Body Aero Kit, Full Rocket Bunny RC F-Sport Wide-Body Aero Kit. 66910877 Front Splitter Copyright 2022 All Rights Reserved, where to report foreign pension income on 1040. How Do Context, Audience, And Purpose Influence Your Decisions?, Flared extensions may be added to original mudguards. It's urethane isn't it. $ 7271.25 AUD. Rear Over-Fender set - FRP -4pcs. says the person with a rocket bunny kit on their 86 The Following 7 Users Say Thank You to CBR600RR For This Useful Post: 8R6 (09-16-2016), . 17090223 Front Fenders (FRP) only Please fill me in, im slightly interested in a less race looking version of the RB myself. 17090234 Side Skirts (FRP) only Might not be illegal in WA, but I'm sure the laws of physics cross state orders. 17040409 Pandem RX8 Rear Diffuser (only) Pandem Wide-body Aero Kit (FULL), 17090230 Pandem E30 Blister Aero Kit The BRZ's history is relatively short, but it's seen a . Will make your car look agressive. Grill Mesh Aparantly, i think he thinks replacing axle's is not possible, and that OEM axle's are designed to handle the stock power and 0% more lest they explode and demolish an orphanage. The entire drivetrain will be upgraded shortly after with the addition of a forged block and a turbo in front of the supercharger. Back then, the car was still running its factory 1.6-litre DOHC engine, making approximately 100hp or thereabouts. 11 Chevy Cobalt. Rocket Bunny Wide-body V2 "Boss" conversion. . Bold black Pandem logo patch on stylish white harness strap. increasing the wheel track over 26mm is illegal. Made in Australia by JSAI Aero. Please note that our Online store will remain temporary closed. Created from similar materials from the Pandem 6pt, Harness, Tow Strap and Window Net, this PANDEM Bag is a unique TRA Kyoto original. 17090224 Rear Fenders (FRP) only 2.3k. fast and furious eclipse purple . Tops Racing Arts Kyoto, also known as TRA Kyoto, has revealed its latest Rocket Bunny kit., Gunmetal - Pandem 6666 Original Aluminum Wheels * The force is still applied in the same fashion via the wheel hub to the suspension with the same weight, anyway it's a moot point as most of the suspension will be uprated after the kit is fitted. are rocket bunny kits legal in australia. It will also improve stability during conering especially and lower your car's COG. TRA Kyoto Designed 9 . Your analogy implied the wheel is attached to the side of the axle going round it. It's gonna be a while haha, just trying to work out legalitied before i proceed down the path of installing and upgrading considering most of the car is gonna be changed. Rocket Bunny wide body kit legal? How Do Context, Audience, And Purpose Influence Your Decisions? Notre passion a tout point de vue. 17020614 + Optional Pandem (Dry Carbon) GT Wing * The OP seems to think it can be done, I have my doubts, particularly with a car that has McPherson struts. - PANDEM 6666 Wheels available sizes: For this reason, many people choose to customise their car in a more traditional hot rod-style, rather than building a complete vehicle from the ground-up. The famous TRA Kyoto Rocket Bunny Wide Body Kit for the Nissan R32 GT-R. Everyone loves the Rocket Bunny style, and this is one of the best looking kits for the R32 GT-R. read more. TRA Kyoto Designed Beginning in post-war years, handy people who werent prepared to get grimy scrounging wrecking yards to build a hot rod could order a set of plans, or parts in kit form, to build a vehicle at home. Only way for it to be road legal in Australia is to have it inspected by an engineer, using a kit will probably make it easier but it's still not easy. Rear "Duck Tail" Wing - FRP Headlights . - Version 1. w/o GT Wing. Rear Over-Fender set +90mm - FRP -4pcs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. in Product Info. Side Skirts Front Canards - FRP Side Skirts - FRP full certification process complete with mod compliance plate. 18" X 9.5J -30 5/114.3 Front Over-Fenders Part of the appeal of Rocket Bunny kits is the rugged look that the bolted wings provide. call (949) 588-8300 or email [email protected] A kit car is a type of vehicle built using components sourced from other vehicles (pictured: Ford GT40). It gives off a sinister vibe in all black, and the wheel fitment insanely tight. (not FIA compliant), Pandem Woven Harness Style Hand Bag - White, White Pandem Woven Harness Style Hand Bag - limited quantities available Civic Sport and Si I/C Kits - Now 50-State Street Legal. (Non-Water-proof version) Rear "Duck-tail" wing - FRP - 1pc. Pandem White 6pt 3" Harness, White Pandem Window Net Wing Brackets - Alum Audi just didn't want to spend the money on that since it would be such a low volume car. Front Bumper Center - FRP Pandem Wide-body Aero Kit, 66910201 Front Lip (FRP) By the late 80s kit cards were mostly sold as replicas of rare 60s cards like the Ferrari 250 GTO (pictured). Pieces include: front bumper, front splitter, OMP rods, grill mesh, side . 17020400 Pandem Full Widebody Aero Kit Try the demo link below to see how easy and hassle free editing the file is. To purchase any of our kits, please contact any of the following companies - Import Monster (Vic) - Pro Speed Racing (NSW) - Solid. Looks daggy to be honest. 17090235 Rear Wing (FRP) only, Rocket Bunny "Captain" Sticker However these lights are not DOT or E approved as this kit was originally developed for sales in Japan. Black patch with white Pandem logo embroidery, Opening: black metal zipper with chrome pull, Interior: black interior with three inner pockets. Scion tC . Toyota GR86, 86, FR-S and Subaru BRZ Forum & Owners Community - FT86CLUB > FT86CLUB Shared Forum > Regional Forums > AUSTRALIA: Rocket Bunny wide body kit legal? TOYOTA ZN6 GT86 BRZ ROCKET BUNNY V2 STYLE FULL WIDEBODY KIT JSAI AERO quantity. This creates a detailed 3D digital rendering of the stock vehicle., Just be aware that going up in tyre width and keeping the same offset on the front of most cars will cause rubbing on the body or suspension. Touring the world with friends one mile and pub at a time; coaching master fernstudium. As long as the rolling diameter is the same it should be fine. Toyota GR86, 86, FR-S and Subaru BRZ Forum & Owners Community - FT86CLUB > FT86CLUB Shared Forum > Regional Forums > AUSTRALIA: Rocket Bunny wide body kit legal? 66910204 Side Skirts (FRP) Forza Horizon 5 Series 14 New Update 21 Rocket Bunny Widebody Kits.Timestamps:00:00 1997 BMW M300:24 2005 BMW M300:48 1992 Honda NSX-R01:05 2003 Honda S200001:20 2015 Lexus RC F01:48 1994 Mazda MX-5 Miata02:09 1997 Mazda RX-702:39 1993 Nissan 240SX SE03:00 1969 Nissan Fairlady Z 43203:22 2003 Nissan Fairlady Z03:40 1992 Nissan Silvia CLUB Ks04:04 1994 Nissan Silvia Ks04:25 1998 Nissan Silvia Ks Aero04:41 2000 Nissan Silvia Spec-R04:58 1993 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec05:14 2015 Porsche Cayman GTS05:35 2013 Subaru BRZ05:53 2013 Toyota 8606:15 1992 Volkswagen Golf GTI 16v Mk206:30 2014 Volkswagen Golf RI Play game on my PC and Record videos with OBS Studio.My PC Configuration:CPU: Intel i7 11700kVGA: Aorus RTX 3070RAM: x2 G skill Trident RGB 16GBSSD: 256 GBHDD: 1TBGamepad: Xbox One S ControllerSteering Wheel: Logitech G923Webcam: Sony A6300My Instagram: my member: DungG94All Convertible Cars in Forza Horizon 5: Car Collection Rewards in Forza Horizon 5: Police Cars in Forza Horizon 5: Horizon 5 The Eliminator LV10: to get the Mercedes-AMG E63 Brabus in Forza Horizon 5: #dungg #rocketbunny #widebody #series14 Still deciding, tbh i kinda like the rivets. Imported directly from TRA Kyoto, Japan, Rocket Bunny Sticker Black Enjoy! More posts from the CarsAustralia community. Funny enough, the Subaru BRZ Rocket Bunny looks to be the hard 180 of every other Subaru car out there. SHARES. PTUNING - GReddy X Rocket Bunny 86 Wide-Body Aero Kit-Limited Quantity!!! The top 10 fully electric cars in Australia. 1600x380mm GT Wing plane with uprights and trunk mounts. And the wheels i will be running will leave the track only changed by 4mm at the rear and 0mm at the front. 17020612 + Optional Pandem Duck-tail Wing Choose your location. As the official dealer in Switzerland of the sought-after brand LIBERTY WALK form Japan, our goal was to break the actual rules and build extreme custom cars, road-legal approved. I have fully accepted that i will kill many small children in this undertaking, their sacrifices will not be forgotten. Forza Horizon 5 All Rocket Bunny Widebody Kits. His kits pull elements from 1970s muscle cars, Road & Track reports, and 1980s DTM and NASCAR race cars. Vehicle weights explained | tare, kerb, GVM, How to find the owner of a car in Australia? This means that for the GT86 you can run up to a 19" wheel if you can get the appropriate profile tyres to keep the overall size the same. Unsure of your car's maximum towing capacity? Talk to any late-model tuner car enthusiast and theyll tell you the hottest cars in their scene are Toyota 86 Rocket Bunny, S14 Rocket Bunny Silvia, S15 Rocket Bunny Silvia, an RX-7 Rocket Bunny, or a 350Z Rocket Bunny. Pandem and Rocket Bunny are both brand names owned by TRA Kyoto Japan. Track restrictions are non-existent in WA. - Contrasting Gunmetal Centers To keep the same track at the front may mean altering the steering stops so the tyres don't rub on full lock. Is it green? 17090222 Front Lip support rods only Pandem Window Net brings the authentic racecar feel to your Rocket Bunny Pandem vehicle. Published Oct 29, 2018. 17090706 Rear Wing (FRP) only, BMW E92 M3 Coupe only Color: Black on White Please purchase S13 front turn signal. are rocket bunny kits legal in australia. Exclusive Canard set(6 pieces) for Rocket Bunny Ver.2 kit for FR-S/ BRZ, Custom made canards for Dai Yoshiharas Formula D race car is now available to all the Rocket Bunny Ver.2 kit owners. call (949) 588-8300 or email [email protected], V1 Front Lip Spoiler- FRP -1pc. Front Over-Fenders - FRP Rear Under Diffuser +60mm - FRP -1pc. Pandem Wide-body Aero Kit (FULL), 17090700 Pandem 190E Blister Aero Kit $3,900.00, 17090701 Front Lip (FRP) only Abbeville Wildcats Football, Owned by Instagram user Toxic_Garages, this C8 Corvette Stingray . Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Pandem Rocket Bunny Style Full Kit Fiber Glass Wide Body Kit For BMW E46 2 door at the best online prices at eBay! 17010212. 0. 17090703 Front Fenders (FRP) only I'm in a similar situation to Super86 and prior to this the only info I'd found stated that for a car of 1250kg the maximum tyre width increase was 2" over standard (and a change in track of no more than 12.5mm per side). 17090225 Rear Wing (FRP) only, BMW E36 Coupe 414. Not only are these harnesses secure, adding a set of Pandem 6pt harnesses in your vehicle gives it a race-inspired look, to best match Rocket Bunny Pandem aero. 12 Honda Accord. Delivery options and timing may vary based on your location. Currently i have a naked carbon fiber bonnet which is 100% illegal for road use. I assume this means that if I keep it within that guideline I'll be fine to run it but if I go outside that is when I'll need an engineer? It maybe unlawful to tamper . Side Canards - FRP - 4pcs. 10 Volvo V60. Rear Over-Fender set - FRP - L&R. JasonCDC: AUSTRALIA: 26: 02-21-2013 02:47 AM: All times are GMT -4. Pandem Wide-body Aero Kit, 66910871 Pandem GR86 Full Widebody Kit w/ Wing I'm not sure about QLD regs, it ultimately would be best to speak with a engineer recognized by the state for these matters. Rear Over-Fender set +70mm - FRP -4pcs. Cause I will need to increase each side by 4.5cm. The famous TRA Kyoto Rocket Bunny180SX/240SX Wide Body Kit Ver.2. - Imported directly from TRA Kyoto, Rocket Bunny Pandem, Japan, Rocket Bunny Ver.2 - Optional DRL LED Show Light Kit, For use with Rocket Bunny Version 2 Front Bumper Rear Over-Fenders - FRP 0 comments. Front and Side Canards - FRP On that note, the NCOP just says that if I must keep it within 12.5mm (so no less than +36mm offset) of the original +48mm offset. The only significant problem with the new regs for most of us is that increases to engine power output of more than 20% now need to be certified. Wing Rods - This body kit replaces the front OEM turn signal lights with aftermarket DRL LED type lights which can be wired to operate as driving lights and/or turn signals. Front Bumper - FRP Side Canards - FRP Kei Miuras design have gained global acclaim for the trend-setting style that drives automotive enthusiast, to demand authentic Rocket Bunny / Pandem aero kits. Side Skirt pair - FRP (Non-Water-proof version) I'm looking at putting flared fenders on my car. are rocket bunny kits legal in australia7ds grand cross banner schedule7ds grand cross banner schedule read more. Rear Under Diffuser - FRP For those not so talented on the tools, a kit car can be more of a custom vehicle based off a cheap, commonly available donor like the Toyota Celica or Volkswagen Beetle, with a modified body fitted on top. AC10 (2AZ-FE) Sorry did you miss where most of the driveline and suspension will be uprated? are rocket bunny kits legal in australia. Rocket Bunny (V2) parts are computer rendered, meaning they can achieve a precise fitment that Greddy is famous for. These were often offered as a drive-in, drive-out customisation for clients existing vehicles by companies like Adelaides Creative Cars. Unlike most other aero kits, which rely on hand-shaped clay or urethane; every Rocket Bunny / Pandem aero kit begins with a full vehicle laser-scan. Rear Under Diffuser +60mm - FRP -1pc. This is a relatively simple mod but requires an engineers cert and mod plate. are rocket bunny kits legal in australia. In the states, we see it, like it, figure out the funding, and get with the bolting things on the car. Watwheels Supersonic June 27, 2011 Obviously not legal. TRA Kyoto Designed - On 6/26/2011 at 8:48 PM, Chavez said: Well u need spacers for your that's for sure. The fenders from the Greddy Rocket Bunny kit. * use with factory OEM 3-series (non-M) bumpers, BMW E30 Coupe Japanese-made Rocket Bunny / Pandem kits only use the highest quality FRP materials and proper curing times to prevent distortion. I can't offer advice but I am guessing you want to do this for an 86? Unlike most other aero kits, which rely on hand-shaped clay or urethane; every Rocket Bunny / Pandem aero kit begins with a full vehicle laser-scan. 17020407 Rear Duck-tail Wing (FRP), Full Pandem Sunny (B110) Wide-Body Aero Kit, Contact GReddy for Special-Orders and Shipping Quotes These DRL / signal lights should only be installed and used for off-road, competition show purposes, not for public street or highway use.