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HandySolver's success story with Cypress.io

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Manisha Soni

11 Aug, 2021 · 3 min read
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What exactly Cypress.io is?

Cypress.io is an end-to-end Javascript-based testing framework. A solution that is Swift and Enhanced!

Further, it allows simulating user action on the browser!

It is a solution that replicates human behavior. Such as checking the registration flow of an application.

What differentiates Cypress from other testing tools:

  • It's a Javascript-based testing framework that allows for the automation of test cases. (The test cases are written in Javascript which is gradually becoming the most universal programming language.)
  • You are able to write tests that run in a browser much like Selenium. Meaning one can simulate user actions on the browser.
  • It is a fast, and an easy-to-set-up mechanism.

We believe in delivering the best!

Here is how!

How incorporating Cypress benefitted Handysolver

Scenario after Cypress.io implementation

Website Feature tests

  1. Website Up check
  • We implemented Cypress, to check every 15 minutes that our client websites are up and running.
  • With Cypress, If any of the client websites are down then we will get an immediate alert via email!
  • Contact Form Submission check.
  • Every day we get a report that the contact form is working correctly.

2. In the Context of Software Development

Here is what we can achieve with Cypress:

  • End To End Testing including real-user behavior simulation.
  • API Testing.
  • HTML Reports of the executed tests.

We believe in practical results!

Here is how Cypress is a time-saver for our customers:

It revolutionized Quality Assurance in our client's projects

  • Whatever are critical paths or critical flows in any web application, they require being tested regularly.
  • RAD (Rapid Application Development) requires Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. Using Cypress.io along with Jenkins allowed us to do that.

How effectively we used it for our clients:

  • MyHandydash - Software solution test cases

Many times, we caught issues in client projects via a cypress test case failing and getting an alert email from Jenkins. For example:

  • The website not loading.
  • The website throws an error page on some critical flow which gets captured when the test case fails.
  • Unable to login into the website after signup.
  • Unable to register (Test case will do an actual registration)

When code changes happen, it may introduce some issue that causes the running tests to fail.

This way we were able to capture the side effects of code changes.

Further, we implemented HTML test result reporting using Mocha awesome test reporter. So we also get the test results in an HTML report that is emailed

  • See below a snapshot of the repor

How we've used Cypress.io for MyHandyDash

MyHandyDash: a successful example!

  • We have created Tests on sign-up on Myhandydash.
  • Logged in from the user which we have signed up through cypress.
  • These tests are running when developers commit the code on the MyHandyDash project.
  • If any test fails we are getting an alert email for the failed test along with details.
  • We are getting this alert email with the help of Jenkins.

We've Coinmomo as a success story as well!

  • Requirement: The client desired screenshots of Tradingview on certain filters. Cypress allowed simulating those filters while saving the screenshot every day at predefined intervals.
  • An out-of-the-box approach: A complete out-of-the-box thinking happened to apply Cypress for a Non Testing task. We successfully used Cypress.io to generate screenshots from TradingView of the particular filters.
  • End Result: The task was successfully achieved due to the innovative approach taken by using Cypress.


Cypress.io's effective mechanism helped HandSolver's process in many ways. It is not only just useful in quality assurance in our client's project but also in end-to-end testing including real-user behavior simulation.

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Manisha Soni