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Located on an arterial road of Gurgaon - Golf Course Extension Road and very well connected with both Delhi Metro and Gurgaon Rapid Metro.

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Full Stack Developer - PHP frameworks

Your responsibilities

If building web applications is your passion, we are eagerly waiting to meet you!

What we require :
  1. Building awesome solutions using PHP Frameworks such as Yii and Laravel, hence knowing OOPs and MVC concepts is essential in addition to being able to design relational database schemas.
  2. Working with Javascript, Jquery, Ajax.
  3. Working with APIs.
  4. Being able to handle responsive CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Material Design will give you an edge in case the designer is on leave ;)
If interested, do let us know by applying below:


Video Editor & Graphic Designer

Your Responsibilities

If you enjoy video editing and creating impactful videos, we are eager to meet you!

Job Description
  1. Convert raw footage, Zoom recordings & written content into high quality, engaging and impactful video content for Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook
  2. Trim, clean, improve pace & quality of videos to make them concise, engaging, and impactful
  3. Create Instagram Reels - gist in 30 seconds
  4. Create Long format videos for Youtube
  5. Create product walkthrough videos
  6. Create videos from simple content
  7. To be able to apply special effects, zoom-in/zoom-out, dialogues, transitions, music, sound effects, and other visual elements/ digital assets in an effective manner
  8. To create an impactful & consistent brand image for all the video content put out on various social media platforms
  9. The videos to edit will be Online Zoom sessions, recordings of the directors, client interviews, client testimonials & Product walkthrough recordings, etc
  10. Create an initial rough draft for brainstorming and then the final cut
Desired candidate's profile
  • Should be able to understand the context of the video and the end goal to be achieved through editing the video.
  • Proven track record of producing and editing video content for video platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Must have a portfolio of work to show
  • Experience with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and/or Camtasia
  • Bring innovative ideas to make the videos more appealing

  • We look forward to hearing from you.


    UI/ Graphic Designer

    Job requirements:

    If you are a vector graphic artist with a flair for theme and context based designing we are looking for you!

    Your job role will include:
    1. Design websites and landing pages
    2. Make vector graphics
    3. Understand client requirements well and conceptualise designs accordingly
    4. Design and custom make brand assets for clients such as logo, ppt templates, social media templates, icons, loaders etc.
    5. Make subtle custom animations/GIFs
    6. Design social media creatives and digital marketing assets such as brochures, media kits, flyers etc.
    7. Design mood board and colour palette keeping in mind client requirements.
    8. Should be well versed with Figma/ Sketch and Photoshop
    9. Video editing skills will be an added advantage


    Quality Assurance Tester

    Job requirements:

    If you have an eye for detail and the persistence to ensure a good user experience of web and mobile applications being developed, we are eager to meet you!

    Your job role will include:
    1. Understand client requirements, create wireframes and document the same as SRS
    2. Once developed, do manual testing to check flows and scenarios
    3. Create Scenarios, Test Cases, Acceptance Criteria, Bug reports and adherence to the Software Requirement Specifications
    Skills required:
    1. Should have good awareness of web applications and how they function
    2. Experience with Automated Testing using Cypress, Selenium and similar technologies
    3. Familiar with Performance Testing, Stress Testing, and Cross Browser/ Multiple Devices Testing
    Good to have:
    1. Experience with testing APIs and using tools like POSTMAN
    2. Understanding of CI/CD and familiar with Jenkins or similar
    3. Experience with MySQL Queries


    HR Executive

    Job requirements:

    If you are good with people and have an eye for detail, we are eager to meet you.

    Your job role will include:
    1. To source candidates and schedule interviews with candidates
    2. To carry out initial screening of candidates
    3. Execute due diligence of selected candidates - background verification through references
    4. Handle interview related calls
    5. Handle employee onboarding and exits
    6. Organise and schedule team meets and activities
    7. Keep a note of the minutes of the meeting
    8. Help with overall administration tasks
    If you are interested, please apply below:


    Business Analyst

    Job requirements:

    Looking for a talented and creative puzzle solver who is good at visualising solutions and bridging gaps when it comes to web and mobile applications. If you understand people and have the knack of organising data and have always wanted to simplify those complex looking portals, this post is for you. You will be involved at the heart of our organisation in delivering awesome solutions to our clients.

    Your job role will include:
    1. Understanding clients, their requirements and expectations.
    2. Conducting secondary research on similar solutions available in the market in terms of their features and technology.
    3. Further clarifying the requirements based on your study and any suggestions you may have.
    4. Proposing a suitable solution to the client by way of a rough draft, wireframes, or a sample solution.
    5. Creating service summaries by determining the effort involved in development in collaboration with developers.
    6. Keeping sight of timelines and managing deliverables.
    7. Testing and reviewing deliverables.
    8. Keep interacting with clients alongside expectation management.
    9. Ensuring project closure within budget and on time.
    If interested, do let us know by applying below:


    Business Development Executive

    Job requirements:

    A business development executive is sought with the following skills:
    1. A people person with a pleasant personality.
    2. Fluent in both oral and written communication.
    3. Goal oriented with a disposition of attention to detail.
    4. A keen learner
    5. Values honesty and self-integrity.

    Your job role will include:
    1. Generating leads both online(bidding) and offline (cold calling, emailing, handling walk-ins etc).
    2. Filtering out potential leads.
    3. Understanding potential clients’ requirements and chart out win-win opportunities.
    4. Following up on potential leads and converting them by offering suitable products and/or services.
    5. Formulating detailed bids with utmost clarity and honesty.
    6. Following company protocol with respect to processes, communication (internal & external), and documentation.
    7. Being self driven so as to take initiative of your own and also keeping the management in the loop at all times.
    If interested, do let us know by applying below: