Hi ! It's Me The Very First Coder of The Company!


Born with a creative bent of mind, I always loved making stuff even if it was attaching motors to cars to mechanise them. As I grew up, I began tinkering with IT and I loved the idea of making solutions which people could use. TalkNShare was my first product which I made while still in college and was a great success. It was a platform used to share notes and important questions when preparing for examinations. Though it was short lived but my dream wasn’t. I underwent the rigorous training at Infosys Bangalore just like any IT graduate would do and did really well (5 pointer). After having learnt from seasoned experts in the industry I packed my bags and came home in pursuit of my passion to build and deliver meaningful systems one on one. Like any entrepreneur, I had my fair share of hiccups but with my family’s support and by God’s Grace, things turned out to be favorable. Today, Handysolver is 5 years old with 10+ employees and continuing to grow…

Meet My Partner


An Electronics Engineer, did a brief stint at CSC, went on to pursue an MBA and got her experience at EY. An organiser at heart and driven to make a positive impact first hand, we decided to join forces. Ever since, she has been looking after Talent Acquisition, designing systems & processes and culture building among other things. Her presence keeps things light.